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 “No matter what your background or goals, my fitness coaching philosophy is to help you create and attain goals that are not only reliable, but safe and sustainable. Every client will not only be able to establish a clear set of goals, we will work together to build an executable road map to help you attain them. ” – Eric Manthey.


Upcoming Events

"Correct Your Posture, Reduce Your Pain" workshop

May 29th, 2018 , 6pm @ Green Reef Adventure Center, Uvita, Costa Rica

What Clients Have to Say About Working with Eric

  • JuliAnne M., Real Estate Professional & Author

    "As a newcomer to Eric’s methods, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all of the movements and exercises were accessible to me, even though I had not exercised for at least six months prior to starting. Eric is approachable, helpful and professional, and his methods and classes helped me get back into shape quickly and affordably! Have already recommended him to friends! Thank you, Eric

  • Tatum Y., client

    "I had the opportunity to participate in fitness classes, led by Eric. I enjoyed how the exercises progressed weekly, and I definitely felt an increase of body strength and stability. Eric is knowledge about the body and it's mechanics. I have recommended him to many friends, and I look forward to continuing with the Fitness Vida Manifesto program."

  • Mindi H, client

    "I really enjoyed the 4 week series with Eric. What I like about the program the most is that it incorporates both the strength training and cardio into one workout. It was definitely a challenging series, using often ignored body parts, movements and muscles, but I always felt great after and loved that I just felt more “toned” when class ended!"