Workout Wednesday #3 HIIT For Runners

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If you missed my first 2 post’s on HIIT, and why it is so important for runners, I would recommend reading them first before proceeding with this workout to get  better understanding of the how/why to my methods for the workouts.  Both posts can be found here and here.

This will be part 3( or week 3) of 5. Intensity goes up a bit, and we start to work with lateral (side to side) movements. The process will be the same as in part 1 and 2, as it will be for the following 2 workouts to come in the series.


Why work lateral when you run forwards?

When I train runners, the first thing I always find out is that most of them are not training any other motions then moving forwards. This is not a good thing! When the body becomes used to doing one thing over and over, it can easily adapt to the movement which means it will not be functioning at peak performance. Injury Prevention is also a big reason. In fact, the largest connecting tissue in the body runs right down the side of your leg (Iliotibial Band or ITB ). It’s job is to hold your thigh muscles and hamstring complex in place, and it also attaches at the knee. When it is weak, it can be the source of major knee issues. More about the IT band here)

Lateral Movements should be done at least 2x a week for maximum efficiency!

HIIT For Runners 3

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Below you will find pictures of each exercise for those not familiar with the names.

For a short refresher on our HIIT workout, perform each exercise with maximum intensity as you can for 20 seconds (30 seconds for pros). rest for 10 seconds before moving on to next exercise. Do this for all 5 exercises and rest 1-2 minutes before performing a 2nd and 3rd set. Repeat 2-3x/week instead of running!

Save your knees and get the same cardio impact in less then 20 minutes!

Stay tuned for part 4 of our HIIT For Runners series as we continue to discuss multi lateral training while we continue to work your body laterally (side to side) with a whole new set of exercises.

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