FVM Surf Fitness Training by Fitness Vida

ebook & live program

Founder and creator Eric Manthey.

"There is no better way to progress your surfing IN the water than following a STRUCTURED, PROGRESSIVE Movement fitness program OUT OF THE WATER"

The Program Works and it's Time to Prove it!

If you are chosen to participate, you will be provided an entire 45 day program to follow. Program highlights include:

6 Different Workouts & Video instructions of each individual exercise

Each Sunday you will receive your instructions for the week. Your email will include a workout card, video instructions, a sample week plan. We have taken the thought out of what should be done, all you do is add the effort. ALL WORKOUTS REQUIRE NO ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT AND CAN BE PERFORMED ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Weekly Video Chat & Assessment Feedback

Once you receive your workouts, you will take video examples of each movement and forward on to receive personalized  movement feedback. We will also chat in person roughly 15 minutes a week to help you deal with any challenges you may have while following the program.

Feedback from you is important.

The purpose of the trial study is to prove how well the fitness program will help your surfing, it is important that we are documenting the changes that could happen for you during the 60 day trail program. If you are chose for the study, you will be required to complete weekly evaluation tasks in order to facilitate study data.

Follow-through and Commitment is a MUST!

Since so much time will be put into maintaining and completing the study by Fitness Vida, it is important that time is only spent with those that intend to put in the effort and follow through. Please do not apply if you do not believe you can put in 100% for the entire 30 days.

The is NO COST to participate in study. If you are chosen, you will only be required to follow along with the program and follow up.

If at any time a participant fails to provide feedback for one week, program will be suspended and participant will be allowed to follow up in future studies. We cannot emplesize how importnant it is that we only work with those that will stay committed.

Are you ready to put in the work it takes to make the next level?

Join us as we look to write history with what may be the 1st attempt to prove the fitness and movement point and how it can DRAMATICALLY improve your surfing. This is your opportunity to receive training that could be invaluable to your surf career at NO ADDITIONAL COST! If you think you have the drive and can commit to the 45 day program, please drop us a line and we can schedule a time to chat.

Video submissions must be submitted by April 15th in order to be considered.

Study will begin April 22, 2019.


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