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Meet fitness coach Eric Manthey

Eric is a fitness coach with specialization training in Corrective Exercise, Sports Performance, and Movement Screening. Thousands of hours and sessions working in the second highest-producing gym in the United States (Denver, Co.) formed the groundwork of his extensive fitness expertise. He has worked successfully with hundreds of clients to achieve their personal fitness goals. Whether it be housewives looking to lose weight or preparing athletes to compete at the highest level in their respective sports, Eric takes the guesswork out of your fitness routine.

“When I look back on completing my first personal trainer cert, I had all this knowledge and literally no idea how to apply it. When you complete a fitness course certification, it basically lays out thousands of guidelines for handling certain clients in certain ways. What it doesn’t really teach you is how to translate what you know to each individual client that you can encounter. Every person is different and no 2 clients will ever adapt to the same prescribed fitness routine. In the fitness industry, its not how much you know as to how well you can apply it.”

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Eric is deeply passionate about providing his clients with science-backed fitness information, not just hype or trends. His goal is to make fitness accessible to everyone, no matter their background or history with physical fitness. He serves each one with a highly individualized training program that begins with an in-depth movement assessment and takes all health matters, such as age, injury, and current fitness level into consideration when planning their programs. The end result is a customized road map to help each individual become the best version of themselves possible.

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