Be Proactive With Your Health. It might be your best option for results.

Being Healthy Means being in Control of your Solutions

The Fitness Vida Manifesto Discovery Sessions is an ongoing workshop series that will attempt to break down the elements of a successful wellness plan in easy to understand topics and techniques. We provide the framework and you provide the effort.

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Topics Include:

Movement & Fitness

The majority of the daily aches and pains an inactive individual fells can be amended with targeted, progressive movement patterns of the body. Learn to look at your body physically as that of a tree. In order to be big and strong, and produce leaves and fruits, one has to have a strong root system.


Just like your fitness activities, a proper diet will only be followed by someone that actually enjoys what they are eating. There is no right or wrong way to eat, but there are basic guidelines that everyone should apply to what and how they eat. First and foremost, one must make sure that they are enjoying what they are eating in order to maintain the proper lifestyle.

Mental Ability
Everything starts and ends in your mind. If it cannot be persuaded to initiate your daily practices, it will never happen. Being able to commit, and stay committed to the cause is no easy task. If you do not know what you are striving for and how to get there, the chances are you won’t blindly find the way.

The plan is built around the mindset of finding your niche, something that you really enjoy doing, and doing it as often as possible. The more you enjoy what you are doing to stay active, the higher the chances are that you will not only be able to commit to a  program, but keep it as part of your lifestyle for years to come.


It may seem counter intuitive to think that you need more rest than actual exercise, however recovery is when the body is actually growing and getting stronger. The harder muscles get used, the more they are broken down, and the more time it will take the body to repair them. Repair is what happens when you rest proactively.

Fitness Vida Manifesto 30 Day Program

Upon completion of 5 part series, each guest will receive a 30 day detailed wellness program in order to tie the sessions altogether. WE supply your first 30 day wellness manifesto. All that's needed from you is an open mind and a lot of effort.

Upcoming Workshops:

Workshop Topics:

  • Posture: What is it and why is it important?
  • What does good posture look like?
  • How does posture effect the rest of your bodies overall wellness?
  • Human Movement Mechanics 101
  • Daily Maintenance Techniques
  • Posture Correction Techniques (long term)

>>>>Please bring **PORTABLE CHAIR**, Yoga mat and Water as we will have movement participation to conclude the session.<<<

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each lecture limited to 10 people