Surfing is now an Olympic Sport as of 2020. That is a game changer for these athletes.

The level of training and preparation by surfers attempting to qualify will be more advanced than ever before with so much at stake. Gone are the days when talent alone would cut it. Countries with large training facilities will be inviting surfers in to train the way the rest of their athletes have been for years. This camp is a way for you to level the playing field through a deliberate and mindful fitness program.

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High Performance Surf Fitness Camp by Fitness Vida

Join us for a 3 day, 2 night camp teaching you how to get the most out of your surf performance though a proper fitness program. Time will be spent learning and surfing, the perfect combination. Instruction out of the water will focus on preparing and programming the body and mind to output beyond current physical limitations. Led by Fitness Coach Eric Manthey, instruction will be a culmination of his extensive training experience, fitness education along with 30+ years experience standing sideways on boards.

Special Pricing for Federation De Surf De Costa Rica Team Members*** and Circuito Nacional kolbi participants***

Camp Puerto Viejo 21-23, Sept.2018 Camp Playa Dominical 28-30, Sept.2018 If either session fills up (15 participants), we will then proceed to book out additional session dates in either location as needed.
Puerto Viejo(Sept 21-23)and Playa Dominical(Sept 28-30), Costa Rica. With each town and its laid back vibe surf vibe, beautiful landscape and pumping waves, we couldn't think of better places to better yourself.
We have arranged special room pricing for participants at all different budget levels. 3 nights accommodations starts at $50  (total/pp, shared room).
Schedule: Day 1

day 1: Warming Up/ Stretching, Stability/Mobility Training

Nightime lecture: Mindset-Getting your head in the game

Day 2

Strength/ Endurance, Plyometrics/SAQ/Power Training

Nighttime Lecture: Eating for Optimal Performance

Day 3

Recovery/ Injury Prevention

Early afternoon : Pre Season vs In-Season vs Off Season training. Putting it all together.

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Fitness Vida Manifesto Workout 1.4 (example)

Full 60 fitness program upon completion of camp

Sunday afternoon will be spent reviewing techniques practiced over the weekend and how to put it all together. Participants will also receive a full 60 day program with downloadable PDF, online photo/video instruction , and .word files of all workouts. Think of it as a full year training program laid out for you.

Register early and save $

$99 if you register before september 1, 2018. After that, price goes up to $299. Use promo code ***fitcampPRO2018***at checkout to receive discount.

For details on participation or sponsorship, please drop us message. Pura Vida !

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