Meet Eric

Husband|Dad|Beach Lover|Adventurer|Personal Trainer|Fitness Blogger always advocating #truthinfitness

“I help fitness lovers go bigger, stronger and faster while training smarter.”

Eric Manthey is deeply passionate about providing his clients with science-backed fitness information, not just hype or trends. His goal is to make fitness accessible to everyone, no matter their background or history with physical fitness. He truly cares about his clients and serves each one with a highly individualized training program that begins with an in-depth movement assessment and takes all health matters, such as age, injury, and current fitness level into consideration when planning their programs. The end result is a customized road map to help each individual become the best version of themselves possible.

Eric is a fitness coach with  specialization training’s  in corrective exercise, sports performance, and movement screening. He spent many hours and sessions working in the second highest-producing gym in the United States, where he worked with hundreds of clients on achieving their personal fitness goals ranging from weight-loss to preparing athletes to compete at the highest level in their respective sports.

“When I look back on completing my first personal trainer cert, I had all this knowledge and literally no idea how to apply it. When you complete a fitness course certification, it basically lays out thousands of guidelines for handling certain clients in certain ways. What it doesn’t really teach you is how to translate what you know to each individual client that you can encounter. Every person is different and no 2 clients will ever adapt to the same prescribed fitness routine. In the fitness industry, its not how much you know as to how well you can apply it.”

Dec. 16, 2002 - Mar. 17, 2003

My Fitness Journey

In 2002, a year after a dirt bike crash where I had torn some muscle attachments in my back, post rehab, I decided to add some muscle to my body to help prevent future injuries. As you can see in the pics, my spine and pelvis are a bit crooked. To add insult to injury, I completely broke my right collar bone in half in 2008, and it healed shorter than the other. Fast foreword to current time, my days are spent trying to manage the pain of the crazy muscle contractions my back is constantly producing. Without exercise, my pain scale could be anywhere from a 5 on a  good day to an 8 on a bad day. Since I manage the pain through exercise (NOT DRUGS), I can easily keep my pain scale between a 1 on a GREAT day to a 5 on a  bad day. So, not only did exercise change my life, it is the only thing that will keep my life in balance for the future if I plan on continuing to live active lifestyle.

My Offerings

Train with me Online

Train 1 on 1 with the same level of service as a trainer in your home for a fraction of the price. 

Train with me in Costa Rica

I am located in a small town on the pacific coast of southern Costa Rica called Uvita. Depending on your level of commitment, you can come here or I can come to you. All training is 100% customized to your personal goals. We have access to a large variety of modern fitness equipment and an indoor space with A/C, however most training is done on the beach. To learn more,