Fitness Friday Medley 2 (April 3-9 2017)

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Hello again, and welcome to the Fitness Friday Medley 2. If you missed out on last weeks post, you can view it here. This weeks wrap talks about some of the “not so sexy” fitness topics that often are overlooked. When I say “not so sexy”, I mean things that won’t give you a round booty, huge guns or superman speed, at least directly. Indirectly, they all are important pieces of a proper fitness regimen. Read on to find out why.

Exercise of the Week: Balance Training

Ok, well Balance isn’t so much a simple exercise as it is an element that should be part of everyone’s fitness training regime no matter what their goals are. Like cardio, the less you practice it, the worse it becomes. As you get older and stop being more physically active, poor balance can also be a source for injuries. Please have a look at a more in depth piece I wrote a few years ago regarding this subject here¬†.

Smart Recovery

One of the most often overlooked elements to a healthy fitness lifestyle is recovery. How you spend your time in between workouts is just as important as the time you spend working out. Have a listen to the Onnit Podcast as they talk with John Wolf about some of the top tools to help aid your recovery in between training sessions.

Motivational Quote of the Weekghandi successful people quote


That wraps up this weeks Fitness Friday Medlay 2. Make sure to check back in next week as I am excited to roll out an entirely new format. Expanding the sections from the current 3 to 5. The podcast will finally be live as well.

I hope everyone has a great week, and as we say here in Costa Rica, Pura Vida!


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