Monday Motivation #3

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goals for WEEK

So, how did we do last week? We’re you able to add at least one of our new health/fitness  tips to your current lifestyle?   If you weren’t able to, that’s OK. No better time to start then the present.

This week is all about expanding on our current Routine.  Since Stat Trackers are all the rage, this week we will use one of those to track steps for 3 days. This is a great way to see if you are getting the step goal for each day.

Also this week we are going to try to learn how to do a correct Plank Pose. This is one of the most essential moves in a fitness routine and should ALWAYS be done with correct form. If you have never done a plank before, you can watch a great video below on proper form and technique.

If you are already planking, try adding a challenge to your plank like increasing hold time, lifting one arm or leg at a time.

*Studies have shown that people who make small and gradual change over time have a much higher percentage of success then those that try to make drastic changes all at once.

Even if you try 1 change/week and stick with it, big things will start to happen.

What did you add to your routine in the past that made the biggest difference?

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