Monday Motivation #5

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Copy of Copy of goals for WEEK

So, how did we do last week? Were you able to try some yoga?   If you weren’t able to, that’s OK. No better time to start than the present. As always, we will introduce new tips to help motivate you into bigger change every single Monday.

This week’s Monday Motivation is a bit of a selfish one for me. Today marks the release of my new podcast series titled the “Fitness Vida Podcast“. I invite everyone to tune in and listen to Weekly fitness tips, industry interviews with Top prefessionals in the health and fitness industry, and listener questions answered by me, the Personal Trainer. No topic is off limits. All questions are relevant. If I do not have an answer, odds are I know someone that does.  With each episode clocking in at less then 30 minutes, it will be the perfect addition toyour pre gym ritual!

Listen the the first episode HERE

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*Studies have shown that people who make small and gradual change over time have a much higher percentage of success then those that try to make drastic changes all at once.

Even if you try 1 change/week and stick with it, big things will start to happen.

What did you add to your routine in the past that made the biggest difference?


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