Monday Motivation 6

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Monday Motiv 6

For this weeks take on Monday Motivation, I want to add 2 key components I feel are some of the most important items that should be the base of any fitness aspiration.

  1. Log 3 consecutive days of meals. If you are just starting out, the point of a new “routine” in the first place is to make changes from what wasn’t working to something that hopefully will. As I have come to determine , most of my clients have no idea how many calories they are actually taking in. Since weight loss or muscle gain in its easiest form is calories in and calories out, it really is a game of the numbers. Once you have everything logged, use a nutrition app such as  MyFitnessPal or the US govt site ChooseMyPlate to calculate your daily calories . The results may suprise you and may just hide the key to shedding the pounds.

    use what is easiest for you

    use what is easiest for you

  2. Log 3 workouts or runs.  In part 2 of my “Top Ten Tips for Getting Back In Shape” series, I talked about the importance of planning. Knowing what you are going to do in the gym(or wherever you exercise) helps keep you on task and helps you get in and out more efficiently. Another thing I noticed with my clients is that if they do write down their workouts upfront, many of them don’t keep track of the specific things they are doing like how much weight they lifted, how many reps, how many sets, how long they ran or even how they felt that day. I think you get the picture. Whatever you are doing while exercising, write or log it and analyse it later. As a general rule, I recommend changing up your workouts every 2-4 sessions.

If you want to read my post on the importance of logging meals/workouts, we well as a few more resources to help streamline the tasks, it can be found here.

*Studies have shown that people who make small and gradual change over time have a much higher percentage of success then those that try to make drastic changes all at once.

Even if you try 1 change/week and stick with it, big things will start to happen.

What did you add to your routine in the past that made the biggest difference?

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