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“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. -Albert Einstein

This week’s tips are all about things that seem to be common sense, but are mistakes made by almost every single person working out, REPETITION. See, the human body is one of the most amazing creations, ever. It has a keen sense to want to change and adapt to the things that we put it through. This can apply to a lot of different things, but for now lets keep it to fitness and how it relates to your workouts or runs.

1.Change up your workout routine

Since the body has a special ability to conform and adapt to the physical challenges we put it through, it is necessary to change up your routine often to continue to see progress. Keep the body guessing=body works harder=more calories burned. This is also a good thing to do if you are hitting a plateau (no gains or losses in a few weeks of consistent exercise) or just to simply freshen things up and make it a little more enjoyable.

2. Get off the Treadmill!

To understand this more, read #1. Repetition=Adaption=Body “cruise control”=less calories burned. Even something as simple as 20 minutes of 40 yard wind sprints can burn more calories and have more impact on your overall cardio system then almost 1 hour of running alone! If you currently run for time/distance 5 days a week, try cutting that to 3 and alternating different types of more intense exercises (such as sprints or skips) for the other 2. Watch your long runs become easier each and every time you do them.

Need a workout routine?

visit our free workout routines page here or our 5 part HIIT FOR RUNNERS training series here for ideas.

*Studies have shown that people who make small and gradual change over time have a much higher percentage of success then those that try to make drastic changes all at once.

Even if you try 1 change/week and stick with it, big things will start to happen.

How often do you change up your fitness routine/workouts?


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