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New Year New You

5 Tips for Creating More Time to Dedicate to Wellness.

new year new you 5 tips for creating more time to dedicate to wellness

If you are like most people, you have spent the last few weeks enjoying the holidays and indulging (hopefully not too bad). You get super busy with the “season”, and it really seems like your wellness routine is the first thing that fails. Now that Christmas and New Years is finally over, we can all jump back on the bandwagon and try to make the new year our healthiest yet.

Something about the New Year always ignites those internal thoughts about what we did this past year and what we can change for the following year. One of the most popular “resolutions” usually ends up being becoming a bit more proactive with ones wellness routine. These changes can range from losing a few lbs, eating better or just moving more. If you are also like most people, you can feel deep inside that this is finally the year where you follow through and make the change happen.

When I worked in a busy gym, January was a time we trainers both loved and hated. I loved that all these new faces were coming through the door. Not only did I obviously have a chance at many new clients, it also made me feel really good to see large groups of people trying to take control of their own health. The unfortunate side of January is that just as soon as most people start, they stop. Not enough time and not enough energy seem to be the underlying issues that most people deal with when trying to make change.

There may be a few other reasons, but it really comes down to these 2 issues,lack of Time and Energy. If this was also one of the reasons why you tried and failed, you are not alone. For the majority of people, these can be massive issues that will effect or affect our lives in many different ways. If you are like most “working” people, your day consists of waking up way too early to drive to a job you have to work too much before driving home again. Repeat daily, 5 days a week. Just sounds exhausting to even think about.

While most of us can’t control our day to day working situation (at least immediately), there are way’s we can manage our time and our daily duties to make sure that time dedicated to wellness can also have a place in our busy lifestyle.

"2 Reasons most people fail their new routines: Lack of Time and Energy"

I’ve come up with the following list of a few popular strategies I use with my clients to help to do things a bit different and will also hopefully fit better into their routines with the least amount of distraction possible.

  1. Plan your training. Make sure to know exactly what you will do each day to better yourself for your long term dreams and goals. Like when taking a trip, you not only need to know where you want to go, you have to know how you will get there. If you are new and do not understand much about fitness, it is wise to seek out a reputable 12 week exercise program that is laid out for you or hire a Fitness Coach that can help you along the way. Not only will you save time trying to come up with routines, you will be able to get the most out of yourself physically if your exercises are laid out with a specific goal in mind. Mindlessly doing exercise until you are tired has never really been a regime that is popular with those that maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Plan Your Meals. Just like with your training, the main benefit here is saving time. It really doesn’t take much more effort to prepare large portions of a meal as it does to make individual ones. Cook things that are basic and can be thrown together with each other to make a meals. Instead of a chicken breast or 2, cook 4. Instead of making a cup of rice, make 2. Always use multiple pieces of veggies when making sides. Cook multiple meals when you have time, like on weekends. In 2 days of cooking, it will allow you to eat all of your meals as leftovers for up to an additional 2 days. This is also a great way to make sure that you are eating the things you should be.

  3. Structure your “Routine”. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, you should always have a good idea of how your day will play out (task wise). If you aren’t already, it is time to start daily list that you can visit before bed each night with all of the things you are going to do the next day, as well as the appropriate time to do it in. This is your guideline for the day and the more you can stick to it, the more successful you will be at getting things done that you need to. Prioritize things that will take you closer to your goal each day.

  4. Train Smarter, Not Longer. There are many theories out there about fitness training and how to do it correctly. The one thing I think that will remain consistent in theory with most health and fitness coaches is that training more will not lead to greater results. The goal should always be to maximize your time and efficiency (yes, we are talking about time again). Training multiple body parts under load (with weights) will return greater results than an hour spent running on the treadmill. Multiply this over 4-5 workouts per week and you can see how this will really accelerate the process. The lesson is get off the treadmill and move around with heavy things!

  5. Stay committed for a minimum of 3 weeks. A popular theory with psychologists is that it takes 3 weeks in order to form a new habit. In that time, the new habit gets enough repetition and practice that it works it’s way into the body at a psychological level. This is also the amount of time it takes for you to really notice true change at a physical level. Change doesn’t happen overnight and champions weren’t born yesterday. Your main focus should just be to stay the course when you start and the change will come to those that stay committed and work for it.

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So there you have it, my top 5 tips for achieving more time which should also lead to you have more energy (from all the time you are saving) and help you put more into reaching your goals.

One thing is for sure, those that do not change can’t ever expect a different outcome.

After all, how did last year work out for you?

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