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Summer is almost here, prepare now!

It’s been a while, but Workout Wednesday is back. Today I want to talk about summer. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you most likely have 1 thing on your mind, time on the water! Whether you kayak, sup, surf or swim, there’s no better time to get the body ready for a long injury free summer of fun activities. Quality time prepping the body will also make the body perform better in all aspects of you activities. Swim longer, paddle further and recover quicker.

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Isn’t being healthy and playing all the time what life is all about?

Getting hurt is no fun. Getting hurt early into summer, or early on an epic fun trip can mean lots of time and sessions missed. Paddle sports in general are very tough on the upper body as most motions will be done hundreds ,  if not thousands of times every day while out there adventuring. That sets them up to be very stiff, sore and left in a  weak state where they could rip or tear much easier. Strengthening and stretching muscles on a regular basis will keep your body stronger and more prone to be able to deal with a possible injury situation while you are having your playtime.

What kind of exercise movements should you be doing now to gain a serious edge?

When we talk about paddle sports, we have 3 primary zones on the body that take the most use and abuse. Shoulders, back and abs. Over and over and over and over. The shoulders push at the top, while the back pulls to complete the bottom of a paddle motion. The abs hold it all together to make sure you don’t tip over and provide plenty of side to side power. I am a huge fan of multiplanar movements (using multiple muscle groups together) that mimic the motions you will be actually doing while recreating. Put the body through movement situations it will most likely be seeing while you play, just add resistance of some type.


Movements you should add to your workouts now.

Trx and elastic bands

ShouldersKettle Bells Presses, Arnold Presses, 45 degree arm raises, Split Leg Overhead Press 

BackLat Pull Downs with Elastic Bands, Bent Over Row, TRX Rows, Kettle Bell Swings

AbsPlank, Hip Bridge, Pallof Press(elastic bands), Weighted Russian Twists, High to Low Chops (elastic bands)

Workout Tips and pulling it all together

Pick any 2 exercises for each muscle group (6 movements per session). Use perfect posture/kinetic chain allignment and keep shoulder blades tight. Perform 2-3 sets of each exercise with weight or resistance that you can move 12-15 reps with 50-70% effort. Rest 30 sec-1 min between sets. Repeat 2-3 times a week.  Be creative. Try and make your movements under resistance replicate those you plan on enjoying this summer. Attention to all the small details are where your progress will be made. Don’t cheat just to do a rep.

Remember to Stretch

When we exercise, we are forcing the muscles to contract over and over at high tensions. Stretching will not only help bring the length back to the muscles, it will help reduce some of the stiffness and soreness brought on after an intense workout. For best results, try to stretch daily. Your body will thank you for it.







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