Jun 10

4 Ways To Improve Your Surfing NOW

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4 Ways to Improve Your Surfing Now While competitive surfing has been around for some time, the whole thought of “training” outside the water is really starting to take hold. Surfers are partnering up with Fitness Coaches that come from many different backgrounds, with hopes of producing the next champion. Surf athletes are now training very similarly to the way conventional sports have been for many years (how do the pros train?). I constantly see 4 ways to improve your surfing now with these easy techniques. While the benefits of training cannot be argued, it's the methods currently making their way around the surf world and social media that are questionable at best. If there is one thing that stands out to be as an experienced Fitness Coach, it is always easy to tell by looking at an athlete what they should or should not be focusing on. Most of the mistakes I see is people performing exercises that are way above their level. Now, this isn't another one of those posts where I sit here and bash everyone else to make me look smarter than them. Instead, I would like to offer up 4 ways to improve your surfing […]
Apr 12

Nutrition 101 Part 2

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Nutrition 101 (part 2) If you missed my first post in the series, we talked about calories and macros( if you missed it, you can catch up here). We went into the importance of calories, and what exactly are macros. In Nutrition 101 Part 2, we are going to dive into the 3 different types of macros, what each one of them does and take a look at the healthier options available for each one. It is important to remember that not one of these is more important than the next as your body needs each one of them to complete it's daily tasks in an efficient, safe and healthy manner. It is your diet that will ultimately play a key in your health, appearance, energy, athletic performance and overall general well-being.  The more you can fulfill your bodies daily Macro needs, the easier it will be to maintain, lose or even gain weight to match your lifestyle goals. Protein As mentioned in part 1, Protein's main task is building and repairing body tissue. It is also involved in the synthesis of hormones and enzymes. Dietary Protein is the vehicle for amino acids. Our body uses approximately 20 different amino […]
Mar 31

Nutrition 101 Part 1

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Nutrition 101 (part 1) Depending on what side of the fence you sit on, today can either be a wonderful time or confusing as ever if you are trying to eat better. INFORMATION IS EVERYWHERE! There are many "famous" diet and nutrition programs out there that do very well because of the ease of use in how they present their programs. They sell a TON of them too! Sexy models pitching shakes, supplements, herbs, or even exotic foods you can't seem to get your hands on. Most of the time, this all ends up costing a lot of money without providing results. Does it work? Maybe. In my experience, I don't know too many people that follow a lifestyle like this for very long for sustained results. After a few weeks, maybe a few months, most people are back to square. This short guide was written to help you understand Nutrition at the most basic of levels. I hope you enjoy Nutrition 101 part 1. So why is it so hard to eat like we should? Humans want easy by nature. That's our default. There are very few of us (myself included) that have the mind power to keep going […]
Mar 26

Stretching 101

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Stretching 101 by Fitness Vida When it comes to stretching, the act is often overlooked by many that hit the gym or punish their bodies in the name of fun/sport. Maybe it’s lack of understanding or oversight? A proper stretching routine, paired with your fitness routine will go a long way for your overall health and the way your body feels. Since your body will adapt to whatever you do most often with it, not adapting a stretching routine with your workout routine could lead to many negative consequences like back /neck/shoulder tightness/pain, or even injury. Aside from that, it makes you FEEL GREAT when you do it often! Please read on for a quick primer on Stretching 101. What happens if you don’t stretch enough? While the act of exercise mainly puts focus on contraction (the squeeze) of the muscles, it is important to realize that solely contracting the muscles all the time can lead to serious limitations in how you move. Constant contraction will lead to shortening of the muscles, which causes muscle imbalances . With these in place, your posture will suffer and that will first lead to pain, and possibly future injury. If you are an […]
Mar 24

Drink More Water

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Drink More Water Water. Comprising 71% of the earth and 60% of an adult human’s entire physical makeup. Surprisingly enough, in my experience with clients, most people don’t consume nearly enough. When you drink more water, it allows your entire body and mind to function at it’s peak capabilities. While the human body can take weeks , months or sometimes even years to build deficiencies of Macronutrients, a person can only survive a few days without water. The worst part is, the body isn’t good at judging it’s own hydration levels, so one cannot simply rely on thirst alone as an indicator. Benefits of Adequate Water Intake Importance of proper hydration is paramount for optimal wellness/performance. Without enough water in your system, it can impair virtually every single physiologic function of the human body. Drinking enough water daily can provide the following benefits: Improved function of the endocrine glands (your bodies chemical messaging system) Alleviation of fluid retention (especially important in females) Improved liver function and increase in fat used as energy Improved Metabolic functions Better distribution of nutrients throughout the body Increased body temperature regulation Maintained blood volume How Much Water Should a Person Drink Daily? Water intake will […]
Apr 02

4 PVC Pipe Mobility Movements

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4 PVC Pipe Mobility Movements  Nothing feels better than a good warm up in as little time as possible. One of my favorite go to pieces of equipment is the PVC Pipe. When you hold it your hands together , you can create force in different positions as well as keep an equal feedback between the hands and the muscles being stretched. Best part is they can usually be found for less than $5 at your local hardware store. Tips for using your PVC pipe: Go slow, take your time Always push the pipe away from your body through movements. This will help the joints move through their full range of motion Try and use good form Hold each stretch 2-3 seconds and perform 4-5x per movement (or limb)  
Feb 12

So you want to be a Pro Surfer?

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2019 is a big year for surfing. Since it will become an Olympic sport in 2020, this will be the year when the majority of qualifying happens. Pro's and Am's around the world are dedicating serious time to progressing themselves and their surfing abilities in order to get one of the 40 spots available (20 men and 20 women). So, how does one go about qualifying? It's a complicated process that goes something like this: Qualification* Quota places will be allocated to the athletes at the following events: Host Country: Japan as host country is allocated 1 place in both men's and women's events. If at least one Japan has earned a qualification place through other events, the relevant Host Country Place(s) shall be reallocated to the next highest ranked eligible athlete at the 2020 World Surfing Games. 2019 World Surf League Championship Tour - the 10 highest ranked men and 8 highest ranked women will be awarded quota places. 2019 ISA World Surfing Games - the top finishers from each continent with the exception of the Americas will be awarded a quota place. 2019 Pan American Games - the top finisher in men's and women's events will be awarded […]
Jan 01

New Year New You. 5 Tips for Creating More Time to Dedicate to Wellness.

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New Year New You5 Tips for Creating More Time to Dedicate to Wellness. If you are like most people, you have spent the last few weeks enjoying the holidays and indulging (hopefully not too bad). You get super busy with the “season”, and it really seems like your wellness routine is the first thing that fails. Now that Christmas and New Years is finally over, we can all jump back on the bandwagon and try to make the new year our healthiest yet. Something about the New Year always ignites those internal thoughts about what we did this past year and what we can change for the following year. One of the most popular “resolutions” usually ends up being becoming a bit more proactive with ones wellness routine. These changes can range from losing a few lbs, eating better or just moving more. If you are also like most people, you can feel deep inside that this is finally the year where you follow through and make the change happen. When I worked in a busy gym, January was a time we trainers both loved and hated. I loved that all these new faces were coming through the door. Not […]
Jan 10

Fitness Vida Blueprint Month 1 Workout 1

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Fitness Vida Manifesto Month 1 Workout 1 Warm Up Movments Prisoner Squat Hinge and Reach Runners Lunge w/ Twist Hand Walk out> Cobra > Down Dog Y-T-A's Core Movements (1) Plank (2) Hip Bridge (3) Alt Leg March 1 Alt Leg March 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEDoaZ9VcGI (4) Reverse Cobra Cross Hold Resistance Movements (5) Single Leg Forward Lunge 1 Single Leg Forward Lunge 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voqaTnCcxTI (6) Push Up 1 Push Up 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqMRtiqwwCY (7) Side Lying Hip Abduction 1 Side Lying Hip Abduction 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZlO9s9H40o (8) Inchworm Inchworm 2 Inchworm 3 (9) Supine Overhead Press 1 Supine Overhead Press 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaicfApxOas
Oct 04

4 fitness Mistakes & How to Solve Them For Ultimate Results

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4 fitness mistakes & how to solve them for ultimate results Speding time in a gym for 50+ hours a week as a personal trainer was much as a daily ongoing study in human behavior for me. I could watch thousands of people a week come and get their workout on. Watch what they do, one after the other, day after day. The majority of people I saw were making major mistakes in the gym, but seemed very unaware. It is extremely important to not only do the movement practice, but do it with purpose and intent. Weather you are currently making them yourself, or working out and could become victim at some point,  here are the common 4 fitness mistakes how to solve them for ultimate results . Not Enough time. As with anything, time is of the essence. Contrary to popular belief, one does not have to spend hours a day to maintain a fit lifestyle. (3-4) one hour resistance/movement sessions and (2) 20 minute cardio sessions is all it takes for most people if, that is a big IF you train smart. Mix up your workouts and push a little harder on your cardio. Try adding circuit training […]