Apr 02

4 PVC Pipe Mobility Movements

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4 PVC Pipe Mobility Movements  Nothing feels better than a good warm up in as little time as possible. One of my favorite go to pieces of equipment is the PVC Pipe. When you hold it your hands together , you can create force in different positions as well as keep an equal feedback between the hands and the muscles being stretched. Best part is they can usually be found for less than $5 at your local hardware store. Tips for using your PVC pipe: Go slow, take your time Always push the pipe away from your body through movements. This will help the joints move through their full range of motion Try and use good form Hold each stretch 2-3 seconds and perform 4-5x per movement (or limb)  
Apr 05

Workout Wednesday #4 Movements for Paddle Sports

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Summer is almost here, prepare now! It’s been a while, but Workout Wednesday is back. Today I want to talk about summer. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you most likely have 1 thing on your mind, time on the water! Whether you kayak, sup, surf or swim, there’s no better time to get the body ready for a long injury free summer of fun activities. Quality time prepping the body will also make the body perform better in all aspects of you activities. Swim longer, paddle further and recover quicker. Isn’t being healthy and playing all the time what life is all about? Getting hurt is no fun. Getting hurt early into summer, or early on an epic fun trip can mean lots of time and sessions missed. Paddle sports in general are very tough on the upper body as most motions will be done hundreds ,  if not thousands of times every day while out there adventuring. That sets them up to be very stiff, sore and left in a  weak state where they could rip or tear much easier. Strengthening and stretching muscles on a regular basis will keep your body stronger and more prone to […]
May 11

Workout Wednesday #2 HIIT For Runners

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If you missed my first post on HIIT, and why it is so important for runners, I would recommend reading that first before proceeding with this exercise to get  better understanding of the how/why to my methods for the workout.  It can be found here. This will be part 2( or week 2) of 5. Intensity goes up a bit, and we start to work the legs a bit more. The process will be the same as in part 1, as it will be for the following 3 workouts to come in the series. Below you will find pictures of each exercise for those not familiar with the names. Backward Lunge Plank w/ Alt Arm Extension Alt Leg Bounding Push Up Deep Squat Jump For a short refresher on our HIIT workout, perform each exercise with maximum intensity as you can for 20 seconds (30 seconds for pros). rest for 10 seconds before moving on to next exercise. Do this for all 5 exercises and rest 1-2 minutes before performing a 2nd and 3rd set. Repeat 2-3x/week instead of running! Save your knees and get the same cardio impact in less then 20 minutes! Stay tuned for part 3 of our HIIT For Runners […]