Jun 10

4 Ways To Improve Your Surfing NOW

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4 Ways to Improve Your Surfing Now While competitive surfing has been around for some time, the whole thought of “training” outside the water is really starting to take hold. Surfers are partnering up with Fitness Coaches that come from many different backgrounds, with hopes of producing the next champion. Surf athletes are now training very similarly to the way conventional sports have been for many years (how do the pros train?). I constantly see 4 ways to improve your surfing now with these easy techniques. While the benefits of training cannot be argued, it's the methods currently making their way around the surf world and social media that are questionable at best. If there is one thing that stands out to be as an experienced Fitness Coach, it is always easy to tell by looking at an athlete what they should or should not be focusing on. Most of the mistakes I see is people performing exercises that are way above their level. Now, this isn't another one of those posts where I sit here and bash everyone else to make me look smarter than them. Instead, I would like to offer up 4 ways to improve your surfing […]