Group Fitness Class

Uvita, Dominical and Ojochal

 New Class Sessions Start:

Jan 6. 2020

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Not seeing the results you are seeking from your current exercise program?

Can you relate?

You have constant lower back/ neck pain

You workout 6 days a week but can barely lose weight

You workout regularly and still have low energy the rest of the day

You experience pain or injury from your workout routine

You workout all the time but your muscles aren’t getting bigger or more defined

I get it!

Before I became a personal trainer, I thought I had all of the answers to keep myself in tip-top shape. I always had trouble keeping muscle tone and didn’t feel like my performance was improving with as much time as I spent in the gym.

But then things changed.

I dedicated my life to learning the ins and outs of fitness. First by getting certified by the top fitness accreditation program in the industry and then spending years in a top gym facility with hundreds of clients. What I found out was that the majority of people never develop a proper foundation for their fitness program.

That’s why they weren’t getting previous results!

So I developed a tried-and-true system that is customized to each individual’s specific needs and level of fitness. NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CURRENT FITNESS LEVEL, THE CHALLENGE CAN BE ALTERED TO MEET YOUR NEEDS!

In my time as a personal trainer at the 2nd busiest gym in the United States, I learned how to consistently produce dramatic results for clients that were previously unable to break themselves from their own personal fitness plateaus.

These principles are the basis of every move you do in my classes!

Imagine if…

You could actually lose those 15 lbs that you’ve been struggling to shed.

You could wake up in the morning and have sustained energy the entire day.

Your recreational activities like surfing, hiking and tennis were suddenly much easier to do.

You no longer experienced pain as a result of your exercise.

You finally had the muscle definition you’ve been longing for.

What will you learn in my Group Fitness  Class?

  • Proper core and glute and core engagement – The foundation of all exercise movements.
  • The 7 key human movement patterns – Fundamental to pain-free movement.
  • Kinetic chain alignment and applying it to exercise motions.
  • How to properly warm up and cool down before and after exercise or any physical activity.
  • Proper use of functional fitness tools such a TRX, Resistance Bands, Kettle Bells, Balls, Sliders and more!

Your Instructor

Eric Manthey personal trainer Uvita, Costa Rica. group fitness class in Dominical Uvita OjochalCosta Rica.Eric Manthey is deeply passionate about providing his clients with science-backed fitness information, not just hype or trends. His goal is to make fitness accessible to everyone, no matter their background or history with physical fitness. He truly cares about his clients and serves each one with a highly individualized training program that begins with an in-depth evaluation and takes all health matters, such as age, injury, and current fitness level into consideration.

Eric is a certified personal trainer with specializations in corrective exercise, sport performance and functional fitness. He spent several years working in the second highest-producing gym in the United States, where he worked with hundreds of clients on achieving their personal  fitness goals.

fitness classes in uvita dominical ojochal costa rica by fitness vida


Ojochal– Tuesdays @ 8:30a- “Low Impact Fitness”


Dominical– Thursdays @ 8:30a -“Bodyweight Essentials”

Frequently Asked Questions

I am just getting back into fitness. Will this be too hard for me to keep up?

In most cases, no. This is an entry level class, but due to the programming, will challenge even the most fit people. If it is too hard for you, Eric will work with you to regress any exercise to your level.

Where are classes located?

Classes are located in Uvita, Ojochal and Dominical Costa Rica.

How much is the class?

3000c or $5 US

When are the classes offered?

Classes are currently being offered Tuesdays in Ojochal and Thursdays in Dominical.

Will I be guaranteed a spot each week?

Yes, Space is limited to 7 participants only, per class and this is a private, closed group so drop in’s will not be permitted.

I purchased a 4 class card but have to miss a class. Can I make up the class?

Since this is a 4 week, private class, makeup’s will not be held, no nessecary. Come when you can!

For all other situations, please speak to Eric directly. He’s a nice guy!

I’ve missed the first few classes, can I still jump in?

Yes, you can come and go as you please, but will have better results with consistancy.

What should I bring?

Bring a water bottle, towel and yoga mat and open mind.

I have more questions…

Call or text Eric at 8338-7760, or email him here.