Your wellness is highly dependent on your willingness to be proactive with your lifestyle choices.

Eric Manthey is a certified personal trainer based in Uvita, Costa Rica. He currently offers a Movement+Circuit fitness class in Dominical, Costa Rica.

A high percentage of the health issues that currently plague our society are completely avoidable by simply becoming proactive with a routine fitness practice.

  • Sore , achy muscles
  • Constantly tight joints
  • Upper and lower extremity issues related to improper alignment
  • Lack of energy
  • Injury due to overuse of muscles

The Fitness Vida Process

"Your first session starts with an assessment of you and your current physical capabilities. From there, we establish a clear set of goals that are reliable, safe and sustainable . Once we establish a clear set of goals, we will work together to build an executable road map to help you attain them. The guesswork is gone, you simply supply the time and effort " - Eric Manthey

Coaching Philosophy

"I coach every new client under the same 4 principles of the Fitness Vida Manifesto. While the formula remains consistent, it is the theory that changes from person to person in order to help them become the best version of themselves imaginable"

Personal Fitness Coaching Specialties

Corrective Exercise.

Whether you are recovering from injury or simply looking to correct postural movement distortions (think bad posture/ chronic lower back pain) that are key factors to  pain and restricted movement, corrective exercise puts a large emphasis on reducing aches and pains through correct movement strategies.

Sport Specific

You play hard, but still feel the need for higher potential. Our Sport Specific Fitness Training sessions are meant to not only bring out your best, but also help keep you in play while minimizing the risk of potential injury.

Functional Fitness

Lets face it, most people are not aspiring to lift up cars or win the Super Bowl. If it isn't a goal, then why use training methods intended for those purposes? Functional Fitness training combines workout methods programmed to help enhance your life, reduce your pain and have you feeling great again.  

Coaching Options and Pricing

1 on 1 (by the session)
from $30

goal based workouts

your location or ours


Small Group
person (3-4/group)

all the individuality of 1 on 1

group enviroment = extra drive

peer support

Goal Orientated Coaching
from $200

Professional Athletes

Rehabilitation/ Injury Prevention

Lifestyle Modification

Coaching sessions are easy and convenient as we offer the flexibility of exercise in your home, on the beach or at our studio. Use this form to schedule your FREE, COMPLIMENTARY session today. 
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