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Fitness vida FVM Fitness training

Training Programs designed to help you reach your fitness goals at a fraction of the cost and on your own schedule.

You invest the time, we take care of the rest.

Fitness Vida's 5 Element Mantra for personal fitness coaching

Your Wellness is much more than Exercise and Diet!

Over the course of 12 weeks, we will assist you down your path of wellness and performance in 5 Different sections of your training program. The more skill you can have in these 5 sections will contribute greatly to your progression both physically and mentally. Each week you will be given mini "practices" to complete for your program. The main lesson we strive to teach is how the most simple habits can construct the greatest progress when done consistently.


A program to move with you through life.

Lets face it, everyone is busy and the more time you have on your hands, the more you accomplish. The FVM online fitness program is designed to maximize you physically while minimizing your daily time commitment to fitness. Gone are the days where you need hours a day to pump away endlessly in the gym for results.

FVM Fitness Training by Fitness Vida

Intuitive Program Design

Motivation Driven. Proven Results. The FVM training program that you will follow is the product of thousands of hours spent with actual clients in a gym setting. Although the program does have a set path that it follows, the ongoing supervision of an actual Fitness Coach ensures that you are evolving right along with your exercise program. Each and every aspect of your physical capabilities will be monitored and your program adjusted accordingly as you progress weekly.


FVM Online Fitness Coaching Sport Specific training Series

No matter what your goals, FVM Fitness Training is created to help take the guess work out of you reaching them.

"From the clients that I have serviced over the years combined with knowledge I have from being active myself, I take the time to create every program so that it will help you perform your best, while doing so as safely as possible. No one can have fun or train if they are injured."

Coaching Program Highlights

12 Different Workouts Over 12 weeks.
An athlete wasn't born over night and these things take time to create. The FVM program is designed to start everyone at a basic level and progress on a weekly basis at a reasonable rate. From the methods used to programming, all the way down to the timing of rest and work during a session, each workout serves a certain purposet in your progression. Much like travel, the destination is most easily met with great directions on how to get there.

Strong Mind, Strong Body
Learning a basic level of control over ones own mind leaves it more time to ponder the positive possibilities. Through a series of daily tasks you will learn how to prioritize the power of a strong and powerful mindset.

What you take in is what you put out.
There is no right or wrong way to eat, but there are a few simple rules that everyone should apply to what and how they eat while living active. One must make sure that they are enjoying what they are eating in order to maintain the proper lifestyle habit. FVM Fintess program nutritional support starts with the basics and helping you understand what your body truly needs in order to make it function continuously at a high level.

Online Delivery Format
All program materials are delivered digitally to you through our web portal. Workouts, meal planning, body progress and suggestions will be with you and accessible wherever life may take you. Full video chat support is also available upon request.

Don't underestimate the power of recovery.
Almost as important as what you do is how you rest and recover from it. As an active person, there are some things that go with the territory of "train hard, play hard" and that includes stiffness, soreness or sometimes even injury. The recovery portion will teach you ways to take care of your body when it gets stiff, sore or even coming back from an injury* (post dr release).

Full Personalized Support
Just because your program is available online does not mean that you cannot get support when you need it most. Between our weekly VIDEO CHATS, daily open "chat forum" hours and full email support, we are here to guide you through your practice. The more you understand it is you are trying to achieve, the better your chances of reaching your goal.

The only tool you need to become the best version of yourself EVER

fitness vida workout journal digital

Fitness Vida Process

Before we decide to move forward, we will video chat together to find out what your fitness goals are and your willingness to actually follow through with reaching them. This is the time when we get to know each other and see if we would both like pursue moving forward and working together.

Length: 30 min

When you begin your training, I will schedule our first video session will include running you through some basic movements so we can assess your fitness level. Using these observations, I  design an easy to follow program to help you reach your goals that will change weekly for 12 weeks. Consider this your road map to help you stay on track your destination. It's not a question of will it work, but more a matter of can you do the work?

Length: 30 min


Once you have been given an official start date, your weekly practice program material will be delivered digitally via email on Monday mornings. Emails will include:

weekly workout pdf w/ full instruction

links to video examples of each movement in weekly practice

weekly chat or live video appointment**

Weekly practice exercises in Nutrition, Mindset, Recovery and Recreation to help fuel your fitness and personal life progression.

As part of our program, we schedule a weekly video or "open office chat"*** with you to help you talk through your previous week and lay out solutions to help you along the way. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Our main goal through the ongoing communication is to help steer and keep the ship moving in the forward direction. We aren't here to criticize, only to offer solutions which will help this lifestyle mesh well with you as easily and enjoyably as possible.

Interested, but need to know more?

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"The most effective program should not only be reliable, but safe and sustainable to maximize progress for each individual and their physical capabilities."

-Fitness Vida Founder Eric Manthey

Fitness Coach Eric Manthey Fitness Vida Costa Rica