Fitness Friday #001- Dont Skip Your Warm Up

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Fitness Friday #001- Dont Skip Your Warm Up

Fitness Friday 001-“Dont Skip Your Warm Up”.

Today I am super excited to be rolling out a brand new feature of the show that I will call “Fitness Friday” where each week I will record a quick tip pertaining to one of the 5 elements from my Fitness Vida Manifesto Book. For those of you that are unfamiliar, they are Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset, Recreation and Recovery. These shows will be short and sweet with essential tips and suggestions that you can add to your fitness lifestyle. Iv’e always believed that elite wellness and performance starts with doing the small things well rather than the complicated things poorly.

When I was spending my time working in a “big box” gym , I watched almost 1800 people come through our through our doors each day, and the one common thing I saw was a large majority of them did not take the time to properly warm up before hitting the weights. What they all failed to realize is the importance of prepping the body for the stress it was about to be put through. Maybe it’s that some of them didn’t understand the benefits or even the reasons why they need to warm up in the first place. This is why I feel this simple eBook could be so beneficial to you. First before we get into the movements , lets take a minute and look at the 2 main reasons why we should always warm up in the first place.

So, next time you go to the gym, get ready to compete, or actively engage in the physical activity or your choice, Dont Skip Your Warm Up!

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FVP Fitness Friday 001 Dont Skip Your Warm UP


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