Fitness Vida Podcast 001 Manifesto

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Fitness Vida Podcast
Fitness Vida Podcast 001 Manifesto

Fitness Vida Podcast 001 Manifesto

Hello, and welcome to the premier episode of the Fitness Vida Podcast 001 Manifesto. Your one stop hub for relevant Fitness and Nutrition content meant to help inspire your Fitness Life.

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“Why is this podcast necessary? As a personal trainer in a gym that saw 1800+ clients every day, I can honestly tell you at least 85% of everyone working out has absolutely no idea what they area doing. Lack of knowledge equals lack of results. They all become victim of the same cycle with the same result: burn out“”

Welcome to the new Fitness Vida Podcast

I will spend a little time introducing the podcast and what you can expect with new episodes up to 2 times per week as I deliver a new perspective for you regarding what REAL fitness looks like for the rest of us who aren’t chasing big guns, running the Iron Man or aspiring to be a size 0.

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First, lets start with what you can expect with each new episode of the podcast. Weekly fitness tips, industry interviews with Top professionals in the health and fitness industry, and listener questions answered by me, a Personal Trainer. No topic is off-limits. All questions are relevant. If I do not have an answer, odds are I know someone who does.  With each episode clocking in at less than 30 minutes, it will be the perfect addition to your pre gym ritual!

In this episode I will take a few minutes on each of the following topics:

  • My thoughts on the current state of the Health and Fitness Industry
  • My background and why I feel my perspective on fitness is unique
  • The Fitness Vida Manifesto
  • Why you will perform, move and feel better after heeding my tips
  • Upcoming show topics & highlights

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Have something to say? Want to come on the show and talk fitness? I would love to hear from you.


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