Fitness Vida Podcast 002 The State of Fitness in 2019

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Fitness Vida Podcast
Fitness Vida Podcast 002 The State of Fitness in 2019

In this episode, I take a look from the eyes of a Fitness Coach into the state of the fitness industry in 2019. This will be the 2nd of 4 episodes where I hope to build more understanding of the podcast and how it will progress once it comes into regular format with episode 005.

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2019 is an interesting time to be alive. On one hand, we have access to more information than ever before. On the other hand, how do you know what is being presented is actually true or not? I understand that is can be quite overwhelming from the outside looking in.

This time around, I want to give a little perspective on the fitness industry, Youtube & Instagram and where to begin if you are overwhelmed and ready to begin your own fitness journey.

Episode 002 show topics:

34 The information era

1:12 Disappointing CDC information (link here)

2:15 Working in a gym at New Years

3:25 Why do you so many people burn out so quickly once they start?

4:52 Confusion could be the reason

5:30 What does it mean to be healthy and fit in 2019?

8:43 Do what you enjoy

10:08 Enter Youtube and Instagram.

16:07 Fitness “Hacks”

18:30 Important things to keep in mind when starting or evolving your fitness program

21:50 Virtual Personal Training.

23:45 Know what you don’t know

25:28 Shameless Plug and outro

I thank you for listening and hope you enjoy the show.

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