FVP 005 Lets Talk About Coronavirus

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FVP 005 Lets Talk About Coronavirus

FVP-005 Lets Talk About Corona Virus

I am recording this episode in March of 2020. Right now, if you are alive, I’m pretty sure the word “Coronavirus” is taking some kind of real estate inside your head at this point. When I was coming up for ideas on this episode, I thought ” Lets Talk Coronavirus” would be very fitting. If you go online, the madness is everywhere. Facebook and Instagram feeds are chocked full of ads for face masks, as well as all of your friends and foes opinions on the matter. Costco and Walmart in some place are limiting the amount of toilet paper, paper towels and other items that you can buy all at once. So in some places, it seems like they have gone into full on panic mode.

I also heard somewhere that the term “prepper” (as in dooms day preparation) has been trending hot on youtube. Response has been mixed and wide ranging from the president being quoted as saying its no big deal” and on the opposite end of the spectrum.

This episode is my attempt to help you understand the facts on the virus as well as give some helpful tips that can help you not only in the short term, but may end up improving your heath over the long term as well.

Minute Markers:

:30- Intro/ disclaimer

1:30-Current Topics/Takes on Coronavirus

7:40 – Virus is here, what now? (short term tips)

11:30 – Long term strategies to improve your bodies immune system/ ability to ward off potential sicknesses.

And that wraps up another edition of the Fitness Vida Podcast. I hope you enjoyed listening as much as I enjoyed creating this for you. Make sure to subscribe and like the show on the major podcast hubs including Itunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Podcasts. Please check back on friday for another edition of my “Fitness Friday” quick tip series. Until next time, Pura Vida!


More tips/ info on Coronavirus, please visit the CDC (center for disease control) website here

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