Apr 20

Our Top Ten Tips for Getting Back In Shape…Tip 4

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With all the exercise planned out for your new workout routine, the next thing we want to do is look at how you should be eating. This is where most of the confusion comes in. With so many “diets” out there, how does one know which one will be best for them? Lets start with the fundamentals that should be kept in mind no matter what “diet” we choose to follow. Tip #4 – Basic Nutrition Since this is a touchy subject with many communities involved in the Health and Fitness industry, I thought it would be best to talk basics, rather than specifics. The first thing I feel is most important to figuring out how much we should eat , is figuring out what our RMR (or resting metabolic rate) is. If you are not familiar with this term, it represents how many calories your body needs to fuel itself just to operate in a 24hr period, and accounts for about 70% of  a persons total daily energy expenditure before any physical activity.     to read more on RMR vs BMR, and how to find out your magic number, click here .   Once you figure out your RMR, you have to figure […]